Star Trek Pegasus

UPDATE – This project has recently been retooled into a new IP based on the same premise. We’ll post a link shortly to our new website, as well as reach out to all of those who have contacted us wanting to be a part of the project. Thank you!

The information on this website is based on early stage concepting and is fluid. This site will change and morph as we further our developments.

Star Trek Pegasus
Character Screen-Cap Credit: Star Trek Online


Pegasus is a new Star Trek fan production based on the life and times of the USS Pegasus, a freighter ship commandeered by Starfleet during war-time, DS9 era.

NOTE: The goal of Pegasus is to create an authentic feel of the DS9 series. It is our objective to make this “feel” like you’ve just stepped into another episode of Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.


Star Trek / Firefly blend (imagine Kasidy Yates‘ freighter crew) – A freighter Captain and crew from the DS9 Star Trek series; a story of being caught in the conflict, and how they had to adapt to survive as part of war-time commerce and trade. In our multi-episode story, we follow a freighter crew and their mission, as their vessel is commandeered by Starfleet to aid in the war efforts against the Dominion. The show is true-blue Star Trek, and the story and crew are sure to entertain and delight!

What makes this unique…

You always see battles and close-calls with battle-ready ships, but what about the freighters? You can imagine how creative and resourceful they have to be just to survive.

Enterprise S1: E9, Ensign Mayweather (growing up on a freighter) goes on a rant about it.

The Ship

Freighter: USS Pegasus

NOTE: There is an ongoing vote for Ship Model HERE – please help choose our ship design! Thanks!

Almost all space-faring races utilize Freighters, and designs created by Ferengi and Cardassian corporations have become standard throughout the quadrant.

What’s the story?

There was a previous USS Pegasus in the Federation, and you may already know this, but it wasn’t exactly a shining moment for Starfleet.

The new USS Pegasus (registry number: IX-222) is actually taking direct influence from real world events, including our story-line, that will be incorporated as the base to the production, as an ode to the real-world USS Pegasus.

We present the “real” USS Pegasus – a Freighter acquired by the US Navy in 1941 (Star Fleet in our case) that had a colorful history of service that is inspiring the road-map to our story:

USS Pegasus

USS Pegasus

Project Status

We are currently self-funded, in pre-production. If you are interested in contributing to the project with time, effort, talent, resources, etc., learn more HERE.

Who are we?

We are big Star Trek Fans, who in real life are media production professionals, having produced media in many forms, including audio, video, film, software, etc. We’re teaming with a talented indie filmmaker, writer, and projects team – and growing our team as we speak (interested in contributing, click here)

We’ve taken this effort on as a true passion project…doing so with the intent of creating an end result that…feels like an extension of the show… And is something that WE AS FANS not only want to see, but something that truly fills a void that we have experienced since the last episode of DS9. 😉

We are eager to share our developments with our followers. You can find out more about the founder and producer of the project on Linkedin. Or sign up for our Newsletter below to be kept up-to-date on developments.

Legal Notice

We are not a “for profit” endeavor. We are staying within the guidelines that have been outlined HERE for the production of Star Trek fan films. All work is being released under CC – Creative Commons (link and other legal/copyright notice in footer)

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