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Nilton Walbash (Bash) – Advanced in rank to Captain the freighter; A cocky Starfleet Academy Ace and hot-shot First Officer, gets passed over for Captain of a Starship… And though not the glorious post he was hoping for, he intends on proving himself in action (Frank Burns type character from Mash)

First Officer and Commander (main protagonist)

‘Former Captain’ Amanda Keene – coming from years of experience and a generational family of freight-runners, being a direct descendant of Captain Keene of the freighter “Fortunate” (Enterprise S1 E9: Fortunate Son), Commander Keene has “voluntarily” but not happily taken the assignment of First Officer, handing the Captain’s chair over to the young and cocky, Nilton Walbash.

Tactical Officer

Zato Reijara – Ex Bajoran Resistance Fighter and First Lieutenant, Zato knows how to handle himself in just about any sticky situation. He and the Engineer are both a part of the ship’s original crew under the former Captain Keene, and still hold complete loyalty to her, which creates friction between them and the new Starfleet Captain.


Epi Isho – Saved from the rubble of a Bajoran orphanage by Zato Reijara when she was 10, you could say she was raised to fix anything, but it really all just comes naturally to her. Epi may not be the toughest one in the bunch (Zato still looks after her) but without her skills and abilities, the crew would be at a loss. And its certain that without her crafty influence to the solutions on the show, it would be less entertaining as well (imagine a Macgyver type)

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)

Dr. Killok – Oh this is a Fun one … Our EMH is a Romulan Holographic Doctor. (Imagine a female version of HOUSE, MD)

How you say? …Let’s just say that Quark had to get us an EMH real quick-like (no questions) for this mission, and this “hacked” EMH was the best he could do on short notice.


At least they didn’t delete all of the human biological subroutines.

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